Maternity Wear & Breastfeeding Clothes | USA, Australia, Europe

Welcome to the world of maternity and nursing, where your body is constantly changing and your wardrobe no longer fits. There's flux in emotional changes, flux in your energy and, of course, the physical changes. From bigger boobs to wider hips, and your ever-growing bump (how much bigger can it get?) - your body is about to go through a whole lot to say the least.

Do you need to buy clothes specifically designed for pregnancy? We think not - plus we get it. No one wants to spend money on maternity clothes / breastfeeding clothes that you'd only wear during one phase in your life.

At Embrace, we believe in creating wardrobe essentials that are versatile and long-lasting enough to be worn through pregnancy, breastfeeding and well beyond. 

Instead of designing shirred/ruched tanks (you'd never wear again after pregnancy), we developed a finely-ribbed fabric made of the finest yarns in the world (US Supima Cotton and Austrian Micromodal) that is stretchy enough to fit non-pregnant and pregnant people perfectly - like magic x 

Embrace is a luxury maternity shop based in the US, shipping internationally (Australia, Canada, the UK and EU countries). Discover our collection of maternity wear that find purpose in your wardrobe for years to come.

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