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How to Measure Your Bra Size

When your boobs are constantly changing
How to Measure Your Bra Size

Bra sizes are notoriously fickle amongst different lingerie brands; an A-cup at one store can easily be a B-cup at another. What's more, because most bras come with an adjustable back which accommodates a range of band sizes, most women don't know their actual band size.

That's why we always recommend confirming your bra size by measuring yourself and following these simple steps :)

STEP 1: Determine your underbust measurement

Measure around your ribcage directly beneath your breasts where your underband sits. For an accurate measurement, make sure your measuring tape feels tight and level

STEP 2: Determine your bust measurement

While wearing a non-padded bra, measure  somewhat loosely around the fullest part of your breasts - usually at nipple level. It is important to wear a non-padded bra while doing this, otherwise the natural sagging of your breasts will result in a smaller, less accurate bust measurement. 

STEP 3: Determine your bra size

Refer to our bra measurement chart below and use your underbust and bust measurement to determine your current bra size. For instance, if your underbust measurement is 70cm and your bust measurement is 86cm, your bra size is 32C.

I am currently pregnant, what bra size should I buy?

We always recommend measuring yourself to confirm your current size! But if you don't have a measuring tape on hand - a good rule of thumb is to add one cup size and one band size onto your usual pre-pregnancy bra size. So if you usually wear a 32C, you should try sizing up to 34D.

How to determine your nursing bra size if you are breastfeeding

For the breastfeeding mothers out there, you might be wondering how to determine your nursing bra size if your breast size changes throughout the day #iykyk

That is why our nursing bras are designed to accommodate a range of cup sizes. The key measurement for determining your nursing bra size is your band size (which is determined solely by your underbust measurement).

That said, if you're purchasing a nursing bra that requires you to figure out your cup size, we recommend taking your bust measurement during mid-day - this should be your average cup size throughout the day :)


About the author: Claire is a nursing bra specialist and founder of maternity brand Embrace. She is a mother of two and has spent four years breastfeeding her babies. Understanding firsthand the unique needs (and woes) of breastfeeding mothers, Claire has made it her life's mission to help make mothers' breastfeeding journey a little more comfortable.