Intimate Portraits of Motherhood

"Let's start presenting motherhood as it should be seen. Raw, intimate, challenging but beautiful." - Amy-Lou
Intimate Portraits of Motherhood

I am now 15 months into breastfeeding my second baby - and I am soaking in every moment he's attached to me. I know how much I will miss these quiet moments just us two, how his face lit up when he caught a glimpse of my boob, his littleness snuggled up in my arms, his tiny hands searching for something to twiddle. 

But neither will I forget how difficult - and isolating - those newborn days were. You were told that breastfeeding was natural, and then you find yourself in the hospital, exhausted and barely functioning, with a nurse trying to reposition your baby on your sore nipples in hopes that he will finally figure it out. 

And then you both finally figure it out, but you are sleep-deprived, exhausted and perhaps for some of us - lonely - all the same.

The night feeds were the toughest. I remember thinking about all the other mothers around the world, awake and feeding their own babies; the empathy and understanding we have of each other's lives as mothers. Knowing I wasn't alone helped get me through some of the most difficult days.

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Amy-Lou based in Hong Kong - a place I hold close to my heart as that's where my husband and I lived and had our two boys, before moving back to Canada.

We shared the same vision - to document seemingly ordinary or everyday moments that are worthy of elevation; to capture the beauty of breastfeeding, motherhood and sisterhood in their rawest form:

We couldn't believe our luck when we managed to capture the moment Gemma's milk formed the cutest little heart on our Soft-Cup Nursing Bra. The perfect embodiment.
Pictured from leftShiren in our Luxe Nursing Bra (size M) and High Leg Brief (size M); Gemma in our Soft-Cup Nursing Bra (size S) and our High Leg Brief (size S); Lynette in our Luxe Nursing Bra (size S) and High Leg Brief (size XS).

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